Our Services

Consultation – giving qualified information about universities, MBBS programs, required documentation and etc. is most important part of our job. We do understand that trusting your or your child’s future to someone is not easy. Our qualified consultants will give you all the information you will/or may need before and after coming to Georgia. We will happily answer all of your questions. So feel free to contact us by phone/Skype/email and Facebook. Or you can just contact strait from website.
Admission – If you have already chosen University and MBBS program, we can start the admission process. In Georgia admission process takes from two weeks to one month. Our company guarantees the success of enrollment on the demanded MBBS program. For starting admission process please apply on the website or send all the required information and scanned documents to our email, and make first part of the payment.
Our company will assist on visa procedures. We will apply for your visa and you will only need to go to the consular of Georgia (all the documentations will be sent to you on your address or you will take it from the partner organization in India) on appointed time.
Our team main goal is to give the best service and make your trip and study process simple. So this service includes:
  • Meet our students in airport
  • Transfer to their living rooms
  • Tour in the city (to show main roads/directions, city routs, show them historical places and etc.)
  • Taking them to the university and supping with all necessary information they will need.
Our company will assist on applying for residence permit and residence card. Residence permit authorizes the right of a foreign citizen to enter and stay in Georgia or transit the territory of Georgia during the term of validity of residence permit. It also authorizes a holder to invite another foreigner to Georgia.
To obtain a residence permit, a foreign citizen must either personally or via authorized representative apply to any territorial office of the Public Service development agency, branch of the Public Service Hall or Community Centre, or apply online via the distance service of the Public Service development agency: https://services.sda.gov.ge. an application and enclosed documents submitted to authorized entities must be in Georgian. However, an application completed in English and/or Russian may also be processed. moreover, a foreign citizen’s passport may be submitted to the Public Service development agency without a Georgian translation if the personal data in the passport is provided in Latin transliteration (alphabet).
A foreigner legally staying in Georgia and having any of the above-listed residence permits, has the right to receive the other type of residence permit in case he/she meets the requirements set for receiving the latter. Study, work, family reunification, special, temporary and short-tem residence permits as well as residence permits for former citizen of Georgia or stateless person are issued with the right of temporary residence, for 6 years. these types of residence permits are issued for the term ranging from six months to one year first, and may be extended thereafter for the term of up to 5 years.
Investment residence permit, permanent residence permit, and residence permit of stateless person are issued for an indefinite term. a residence permit of stateless person is issued for an indefinite term only to those persons whose Georgian citizenship has been terminated through renunciation, or to persons who had permanently resided in Georgia by 31 march 1993, were not recognized as citizens of Georgia and after 31 march 1993 maintained their permanent registration in Georgia.
A residence permit is issued by the Public Service development agency within 30 days after receiving a complete set of required documents. However, the permits can be issued in accelerated manner; for detailed information on the fast-track service visit the websites: www.sda.gov.ge; www.psh.gov.ge.
The Public Service development agency issues an e-residence card to a foreigner who holds a residence permit in Georgia. the residence card is an identity document certifying an identity of a foreigner living in Georgia, his/her citizenship and a place of his/her residence in Georgia.
Note: Within a month after receiving a residence permit in Georgia, a foreigner shall apply for a residence card at any territorial office of the Public Service development agency, branch of the Public Service Hall, or Community Center.
Residence permit will be terminated if a foreigner fails to apply to any authorized entity for a residence card within the period of 6 months.
One of the most important thing is the place students will live. Some of the universities have their dormitory near the university and it’s the best option, because you don’t need to waste money and time for transportation (for example GRIGOL ROBAKIDZE UNIVERSITY).
You have chosen university without dormitory? This is not a problem. Our company has organized accommodation with comfort and maximum safety (with guard and safety cameras in hall).
Our rooms:
Reading in services its obvious what is this service? Who is this guy and why will you pay 100 dollar for this service?
As we already declared Georgia is one of the safest place depending on rating (criminal index: 19.59 from 100 and safety index 80.41 from 100). But there also might be such a situation which student with a little life experience can’t handle himself/herself (for example car accident, theft and etc.) and will need help of local person.
So who is SOS Agent?
SOS Agent – is a person who is in charge to the students and in any time 24/7 is ready to help them in extreme situations (this includes to be on place as fast as possible, to analyses problem, to solve problem or to call to the necessary organs). This package includes 5 call.
Health Insurance - GPI Holding is a member of Vienna Insurance Group, Europe's one of the largest insurance companies.
Individual Health Insurance – high quality service and financing of diverse medical services. From the very moment of insuring you have a personal physician. Under the policy Medi the most part of the expenses of out-patient services (visits to specialists, tests, analysis, etc.) as well as unexpected illness will be indemnified.
You will feel yourself protected with the policy Medi, as the most part of the expenses incurred due to unforeseen cases will be covered by GPI. And most importantly, you will be convinced that GPI is always beside you – at any day and night time!