Grigol Robakidze Medical University

  • Founded in 1992, celebrating 27 years of existence.
  • One of the first Private university in Georgia
  • The data of UNESCO International Institute of Education- the University is among the top five higher educational institutions in terms of the graduates’ employment.
  • All programs of the University are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Educational Programs.
  • 2012 The Rector of the university was named as the Rector of the year
  • 2014 GrigolRobakidze University was named as the winner in the nomination “Trust and Reputation”
  • 2016 The media Holding Tbiliselebi named GrigolRobakidze University as the “University of the Year”
  • International study and internship programs.
  • GrigolRobakidze University is the only university in Georgia that has the Campus of European type. Its architectural conception differs from other university buildings existing in Georgia. What is originality?
  • Like western universities, the campus of GrigolRobakidze University is located in the city suburb, on 15000 km ecologically clean area .
  • It is not multistory building what is regarded to be an international standard from the viewpoint of students’ security and for creating a united academic/communication space.
  • A lounge – Club and an original recreation space are available to students what enables them to fully relax.

Essential terms for teaching at the faculty of medicine are: integration of theoretical and practical teaching; development of clinical skills in virtual simulation centers and clinical environment. New technologies must have an advantage during the teaching. Teaching is student oriented which means students’ active participation in the study process and involves case teaching, discussions, empiric teaching, seminars and projects.

Teaching forms used in study process:

  • Interactive lectures, seminars, colloquiums
  • Studying in clinical environment
  • Simulators and moulages
  • Performing a roll of patient or physician
  • Laboratory teaching
  • Presentations
  • Participation in scientific research
  • Practice

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is a leading medical university in TbilisiGeorgia.  More than 85 years have passed since Tbilisi State Medical Institute was founded on the basis of the faculty of Medicine at Tbilisi State University (TSU). In 1992 Tbilisi State Medical Institute was renamed in Medical University.

TSMU is the eight ranked (out of 55) higher-education institution in Georgia.  There are almost 7500 undergraduate and 3000 postgraduate students at the University about 25% of whom come from foreign countries. Tbilisi State Medical University has undergone Institutional Evaluation Programme, performed by Association of European

The largest medical university in Georgia and Eastern Europe.

  1. Founded in 1918.
  2. Produced more than 40,000 Doctors
  3. Founder of Eastern European Medical Association[
  4. Recognized/Listed by World Health Organization, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, European Commission for Education, and World Federation of Medical Education.
  5. Member of International Association of Universities, European Universities Association
  6. Signatory of Bologna Declaration - European Union Medical Syllabus
  7. Graduate, Post Graduate and Research Degrees are available in Surgical, Medical, Dental, Nursing and Pharmacy Fields.